February 15, 2012

NetBeans and Public-Private SSH Key Access to CVS

The purpose of this article is to document how to configure NetBeans to access a CVS repository over SSH using public-private keypairs.

Install "Putty" Applications
Putty is located at http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/.  The primary applications need are pageant.exe and plink.exe.

Run Pageant
Startup pageant.exe. It will be accessible via the system tray.

Right click on the pageant icon in the system tray to add the private key you use to access the CVS server.  Keep in mind that putty and all the putty related applications do not work with keys generated by the linux `ssh-keygen` command.  The private key generated by `ssh-keygen` needs to be opened with the puttygen.exe application and converted into a putty specific private key which can then be used in pageant.exe.

Configure NetBeans
Startup NetBeans.  Go to Team > Checkout.  For the CVS repository configuration, select the radio button to "Use External Shell".  In the "Shell Command" textbox, enter the fully qualified path to plink.exe. Click the "Next >" button and the CVS repository will be access via SSH using your public-private keypair.

That's it.  Enjoy!

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