April 26, 2011

Secure JDBC connection to MySQL from Java


Connecting to a database with JDBC is easy but gets a little more complicated if a secure connection is needed.  This is how a secure connection to MySQL is established using keystore/truststore SSL keys.  Overall, nothing too spectacular here but a useful reference.


The Java code to get a secure JDBC connection to MySQL is easy.  It is a matter of adding properties to the URL connection string which inform the MySQL JDBC driver to use a secure connection.

  String username = "[USERNAME]";
  String password = "[PASSWORD]";

  StringBuilder url = new StringBuilder();


  Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url.toString(), username, password);

System Properties

The properties on the URL connection string tell the MySQL JDBC driver to use a secure connection but you still need to tell your application where the keystore/truststore SSL keys are located.  Do this using the following system properties when you start the JVM.


These files will of course need the the keys off your MySQL server.

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